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Integrity Enhancement

Management Commitment Towards Integrity

i. Sowing the Seed : Laying The Foundation

The SEDC Management is committed to strengthening integrity in the Corporation and this is reflected by the fact that upon taking the helm in May 1995, the current Chairman emphasized INTEGRITY as one of the pillars for good corporate governance.

Until today, a very high premium is attached to integrity as a factor determining whether or not to recruit any person and whether or not an officer should be emplaced, confirmed or promoted.Among the efforts in inculcating integrity was the launching of the Integrity Campaign by then Deputy State Secretary, YBhg. Datu Taha Arifin on 4th January 1996 with the theme "Integrity is the Foundation of your career".

The Corporation's Integrity Campaign was reinforced and continued through a re-launch of the Campaign by YAB Ketua Menteri on 2nd September 2004 with the theme "Integrity Is Our Way Of Life".

The Corporation also celebrated the National Integrity Day and participated in the Integrity Day exhibitions on a regular basis. Indeed, SEDC also seek to inculcate good values, in particular good business ethics and integrity, and nurture that as a way of life for its employees. In recognition of its efforts to enhance integrity, the Corporation was awarded the "Malaysian Business Ethics Excellent Award 2008" by the Minister of Domestic Trade and Affairs on 11 November 2008.

Malaysian Business Ethics Excellence Award

Signing of Integrity Pact with Transparency International

ii. Nurturing and nourishing the Tree of Integrity : Internalising Integrity

SEDC inculcates and internalises integrity through the following strategies:

  • Motivational talks and Ceramah
  • Campaigns, including zero latecomers' campaign, punctuality campaign, etc 
  • Establishing or adopting good Systems and Best Practices
  • Compliance
  • Enforcement
  • Governance system
  • Integrity value in tender process


Information and activities related to integrity are disseminated through Info-Telly News (In-house), Flyers and Staff Get Together to derive the maximum impact to grow and sustain integrity as a value in SEDC. An Integrity and Governance Gallery has also been set up at 7th Floor, Menara SEDC, which underscores the importance of integrity to SEDC.

Integrity and Governance Gallery

Jawatankuasa Integriti dan Tadbir Urus (JITU)

The SEDC JKP was formed on 28 April 1998 as part of SEDC's integrity sustaining efforts pursuant to YAB Perdana Menteri's Circular No. 1/1998. Pursuant to Arahan YAB Perdana Menteri No.1 Tahun 2009, the JKP has been replaced by Jawatankuasa Keutuhan dan Tadbir Urus (JKTU) on 19 August 2010.

Jawatankuasa Keutuhan Tadbir Urus (JKTU) has been replaced by JITU in June 2014 as part of Integrity consolidation initiatives in Government Administration Management System.

SEDC Integrity Plan

In line with the National Integrity Plan, SEDC initiated its Integrity Plan through supporting pillars as shown below :-

Harvesting the Fruits

The Management will continue relentlessly with its efforts to nurture and nourish the Tree of Integrity in the Corporation. As part of this effort, due recognition in the form of Integrity Awards are given to staff who have displayed a high level of integrity in their performance and discharge of their duties and responsibilities.

SEDC Integrity Day 2015

Sowing More Seeds

To further strengthen SEDC's foundation of Integrity, the Corporation would continue to pursue the following agenda :-

  • Continuous inculcation and promotion of integrity
  • Strengthening system and culture
  • Review and enhance procedure
  • More recognition and celebrations
  • Enforcement of discipline








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