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The companies involved in the Livestock activities are:


PPES Ternak Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary to Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC). Started operation in 1983 (29 years ago) as a main supplier of livestock and fresh meat in Sarawak.

The Company has aquired Karabungan Farm in Miri, which accommodate an approximately 1500 acres and Kuching Abattoir centre in Bintawa, Kuching.

Our main common activities are:

  • Cattle feedloting (fattening)
  • Abattoir services
  • Goat and Deer breeding
  • Supply of fresh beef throughout Sarawak   

For more info, visit us at: company also associated itself with cattle farm in Rosewood Station and Strathmere in Australia.



This SEDC-owned, Australian-registered company owns a 280,000-hectare cattle breeding station in the Northern Territory, Australia with 28,000 heads of cattle; and a 14,711-hectare cattle fattening station at Strathmere-Beardie Aggregation, St. George, Queensland, Australia.
Rosewood Station Pty Ltd, Northern Territory, Australia   Rosewood Cattle Breeding Station  
Strathmere-Beardie Aggregation is an ideal place for fattening cattle from Rosewood Station and farms from the surrounding areas. The farm’s carrying capacity is 5,000 heads.
 Strathmere-Beardie Aggregation, St. George, Queensland, Australia
Strathmere-Beardie Aggregation
Besides cattle fattening, the farm also produces crops such as wheat, oats and sorghum.